The Art of place.

Duncan's green build ethos is deeply connected to the art of place making. This studio space and beach house was commissioned by an artist. Working with a variety of locally sourced materials.

Duncan's combination of holistic architecture, skilled carpentry and landscape art was used to construct this timber based house and studio. The studio is an example of woodland meets maritime. Duncan uses Limestone Rock, Timber, Clay, Soil, Pine and mixes it with Ash and Larch. He creates a space that embraces light and energy

The Beach House is a further example of Duncan's attention to detail using peeled oak and driftwood that has been remodelled and beach combed. His use of clay paint and local pigments creates a low impact sustainable timber frame home. Duncan works closely with clients to assess their needs and to tailor his designs to fit the remit.

The interior of the house continues the theme from the exterior using coppiced wood, driftwood, Elm and Ash. The doors fasteners are made from wrought iron. This house and studio is a fine example of bringing the exterior and interior together and making a space that is breathable and reflects the landscape.
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