Play and exploration
Duncan takes a very innovative approach to educational spaces and places. He feels strongly about the relationship between education and environment and the role it has to play within the lives of children. This can be seen in a recent project where Duncan was commissioned to design the exterior and interior of a local nursery school.

Duncan worked closely with the Head Teacher and School Governors, to create a site-specific interactive play area. For the school garden, Duncan used local rocks such as Limestone, Sandstone and Slate. He created round and soft granite glaciated boulders and rocky mounds for the children to climb on.

Duncan focused on the important role of play in the outdoors. The fallen Giant made out of a large tree best expresses this. It enables children to have a safe place to play, it encourages them to climb, explore and build dens and use their imagination.

To compliment this Duncan created an allotment garden and woodland incorporating local plants and natural wood. such as Hazel, Ash, Goat Willow, Oak Chestnut, Wild Pear and Birch. The outdoor garden was complete with a recess seat surrounded by an apple dome.

Continuing his philosophy of bringing the landscape indoors, Duncan has refitted two classrooms. Working with curves and niches rather than squares, using coppiced wood to make willow hurdles and creating a charcoal area for charcoal drawing. This piece of work illustrates a complete circle from growing the wood to creating the interior design from the surrounding landscape. Incorporating an ecological and sustainable design.

Duncan works in a very specific way to look at the educational value of developing a space for children that draws its materials and inspiration from their locality and encourages children to interact with their physical environment.
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