At the centre of Duncan's work is creative exploration; he draws his inspiration from his relationship with the landscape. His artist and sculptural work responds to and reflects the diversity in shape, contour and content that constitutes the landscape of the Lake District.

Wishbone House is an example of a beautifully sculptured ceremonial space that is adaptable and useable in any setting. This particular piece has accommodated baby naming and ceremonies, weddings and partnerships and has been situated on Beaches, Woodland, Fields and Courtyards.

This piece was commissioned for an exhibition held in the pumphouse gallery London entitled the Dead exhibition. Duncan was commissioned to make a container for ashes.. This piece was carved from lime, sourced from a sacred site near kirkby Longsdale. In the heart of the vessel is as secret vault, a guilded chamber just large enough to hold the cremated remains of a person. The ashes are poured into the interior through a channel from the outside. Finally the channel is sealed. Coombe is an object for contemplation. Sited in a garden or wilderness it too will decay in time.

Duncan Copely has been trading for 18 years creating furniture, interiors, and architectural structures. Bespoke joinery and carpentry, ceremonial/commeroative artefacts and sculptural wordcarving.

Duncan Copley explores our relationship with landscape. He looks at the creation of structures, designs, and images that affords us the opportunity to reflect and engage in a real living environment.
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